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VIEWZZ – an architectural visualization enterprise fully-owned by REACH

Updated: May 25, 2023

Financial sustainability for nonprofit organizations has long been of interest to nonprofit organization leaders, current and potential funders, and the communities that nonprofits serve. Nonprofit organizations occasionally face funding challenges, especially during times of economic crisis.

Not out of the circle, being resistant with a lifelong vision that all disadvantaged young people in Vietnam have the opportunities and support they need to reach their full potential, REACH has been always looking for establishing and maintaining financial sustainability. We established 4 social enterprises with the aim of making REACH more self-sustainable, with the most prevalent and successful being Viewzz ( – an architectural visualization enterprise delivering 3D real estate visuals to customers worldwide.

Specializing 100% in property visuals, Viewzz’s focus spans a wide range from photo & video editing, virtual staging, and floor plan to 3D visualization, animation, motion graphics, virtual tour, walk-throughs and other VR renderings.

Being a fully-owned subsidiary of REACH, profits generated from Viewzz go directly to REACH to transform more lives of disadvantaged youth:

3 visualizations ordered = 1 life transformed (as it generates enough profit to enroll 1 young person into one of our Vocational Training Programs)

Since establishment, Viewzz has served over 200 clients across 15 countries globally in different architecture and real estate sectors. We are proud that Viewzz’s photorealistic architectural visualizations have been used by architects, developers, interior designers and other real estate professionals to present new concept designs, finalize architectural plans, and carry out marketing campaigns to sell new developments with great success.

Take the needs and best interests of clients at the very heart of the work, Viewzz has been consistently gaining credibility of delivering services that meet and surpass the highest standards. Viewzz is also featured in a recent article written by Adobe/

With the continuous effort of the whole REACH and Viewzz team, we aim to transform more than 1,000 lives by serving values of ‘amazing aesthetics’ to a larger number of customers and beneficiaries in 2023.

Visit Viewzz at


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