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Businesses continue support during COVID19 pandemic

REACH still ensures efficiently safety standards of the COVID19 disease prevention for teachers and students when visiting businesses. All students have fully 2-dose vaccinated and had a negative PCR test 3 days before visiting the enterprises. This is an activity for students to have a realistic overview of the career they will aim for after graduating from the course at REACH.

Our connection with enterprises partners are long-term relationship. They have been supporting our students in the employment support after graduation at REACH. However, their companion in the COVID times is much more valuable. Let’s find out how we cooperate with them in the mission of Transforming disadvantaged Vietnamese youth’ career and lives.

Our students had a chance to visit the work environment of REACH’s partner businesses and REACH’s social enterprise, Viewzz. They had the opportunity to listened to advice and career orientation from former REACH students experiences employees at the enterprise. Thereby, they gain practical experience and set their own goals and motivation to try harder every day.

This is a regular and a useful activity that REACH always tries to organize for students when taking vocational training courses at REACH. REACH will always accompany students throughout the course and for 6 months after graduation to support job placement for them. We hope that students will always strive and dedicate themselves to pursuing the career they have chosen.

EngoCreative Creative Solutions Company provides graphic and digital design solutions to develop websites and eCommerce applications. Engo is an enterprise partner recruiting Web Programming Class students at REACH Hanoi from batch 41 to the present (Currently REACH is opening Web Coding course for students who are in batch 51). Engo has assisted REACH in recruiting and training up to 11 REACH students after their graduation up to now. At Engo, REACH students will gain the opportunity to apply the knowledge along with other soft skills learned at REACH to their work tasks. Currently, there are two REACH students who have been working at Engo for more than 02 years; and two new fresh men who are in their probation.

Sharing about REACH’s students, Director of EngoCreative Creative Solutions Company – Mr. Tran Van Hoa said: “Some students at REACH, although they have very sensitive backgrounds and have completed a short-time courses compared to those who are at universities, however, they are all determined, eager to learn to change and develop their career path as well as standard of life.” Engo also organized some orientation sessions about Information Technology for REACH students when they apply for internship. The director and REACH Alumni who are working at Engo directly orientate new graduates towards their major and point out whether they like or dislike the IT area, they are suitable or inappropriate for this field before officially working in the company.

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